6 Easy Tips for Driving Greener Today

Advanced vehicles of the future will provide much better and emissions savings than today's conventional vehicles. However, there are only a few vehicles available for sale today. Until you are able and ready to buy a clean and efficient alternative fuel vehicle, here are some things you can do today to drive “greener” with the car or truck you currently drive.

  • Maintain your car responsibly by keeping it tuned, the tires properly inflated and wheels aligned. Have your oil changed at an oil/lube station which recycles every drop of oil.
  • And keep the air and fuel filters clean. You'll get better gas mileage, pollute less, and extend engine and tire life.
  • Work and study at home when possible. If everyone would stay at home one extra day a week, we'd save over 10% of the that use and the pollution they create.
  • Don't overfill the tank of your car, and use the fuel with the lowest recommended octane number. Each gallon of spilled or evaporated gas puts as much hydrocarbon in the air as 7500 miles worth going out the tailpipe of a car.
  • Reduce driving to work and on errands, and carpool when you can. By choosing to live closer to your job and shopping near home, you'll save time, gas, and pollution. Combine trips when you can to save gas and reduce by more than half the from cars caused by cold starts.
  • Avoid warming up your car in the winter. It doesn't need it, and a car idling in the driveway wastes gas and pollutes the air.